Percocet Detox

is a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone thus it’s a narcotic opiate
used for treating pain. Percocet after used affects mostly the nervous system
by tricking the brain into substituting a euphoric feeling and some sort of contentment
for pain. This euphoric feeling makes people to overdose it thus result results
into slowed heartbeat, sweating, jaundice, and low blood pressure, difficulty
in breathing and respiratory arrest which can lead to death.

associated with side effects like dizziness and drowsiness, constipation,
itching, abdominal pain, difficulty urinating, difficulty breathing, vision
problems, seizure and nausea. And when taken with other medications or alcohol
it results into fatal and adverse results.

users abruptly stop taking Percocet may have withdrawal symptoms 6 to 8 hours
after their last dose. These withdrawal symptoms can include insomnia, fever,
severe abdominal pain, anxiety, and flu like symptoms, watery eyes, running
nose, and sweating and muscle pain. For this reason there is a medical detox
from Percocet where one can receive treatment as outpatient or receive the
detox and medication at home.

Traditionally detox was done by placing the
patient in a psychiatric unit and then use oral medications like methadone or suboxone
to relieve the withdrawals.There is a medical therapy
detox which will make it possible for medications used in detoxification to be
adjusted as the patients withdrawal symptoms change thus keeping the
patient comfortable hence successfully
completing the detox. After detox it’s necessary to join a program to help
rebuild your life.