Heroin Detox

Heroin detox
is a program that helps a person to stop using
heroine and in the long term, live a life free of drugs. After joining a heroin
detoxification program a person is introduced to the relevant
psychological and therapeutic programs. The most difficult part of the detoxification
process is the first three days because physical withdrawal symptoms are often severe
and need medication. Some of the withdrawal symptoms will include feeling disorientated, nauseated, light-headedness, diarrhea and many others depending on the day of the detox process after the last dose.

Therefore, during the program a person will learn what to
look out for, the effects of heroine addiction and steps to avoid a
relapse. There are programs that only offer psychological support by using
psychological interventions such as behavioral, cognitive and group therapy. But
there are also those that use both interventions (psychological and medical). During
the detox process a person will be taken through steps on how to cope with sudden
urges to get high or smoke heroine. In the initial stages most heroine addicts will often
need support from groups and supportive family members besides the facility’s