Substance use disorder or drug addiction remains an illness that affects someone’s behavior and brain. It can lead to the lack of controlling the use of medication, illegal or authorized drugs. Substances in the likes of nicotine, marijuana and alcohol are classified as drugs. Irrespective of the danger it causes an addicted person will always continue to use drug.

The experimental use of a common drug in social conditions may mark the beginning of drug addiction. The drug use may become more prevalent in some individuals. Substance use disorder, especially opioids may mark the beginning of the addictive attitude.

Some Symptoms And Signs Of Drug Addiction:

1. Irrespective of the danger it causes to the user, drug use continues to grow on a daily basis

2. When not using the drug, the victim may experience withdrawal signs

3. Victims will create a drug tolerance technique. This makes the victim consume more quantities of the drug to feel the desired impact