Cocaine Witthdrawal

Cocaine withdrawal is a situation that follows when a person who was addicted to cocaine stops using it randomly. It is associated with several visible symptoms, and it occurs because even after stopping the use of the drug, a large portion of it is left in the bloodstream.

The withdrawal symptoms for cocaine can last for a period more than a month and are sometimes extreme to the person experiencing them. Many users often start using cocaine again during the withdrawal period because the period is associated with intense craving for the drug. Some of the withdrawal signs and symptoms of Cocaine are.

– Depression which causes suicidal thoughts to the user.
– Increased appetite.
– Hallucinations and disturbing dreams and nightmares.
– Suicidal thoughts.
– Restlessness and loss of concentration.
– Slow reasoning and thinking.
– Weariness and fatigue.
– The visible signs include muscle and nerve pain and fever.

The withdrawal symptom disappears over time, but extreme cases should be treated by a rehabilitation program to help the person experiencing them.