Benzodiazepine Detox

Benzodiazepine Detox is the process of
removing the drug (Benzo) traces from an addict’s system. Detox is carried out
because the user always develops tolerance after using it for extended periods.
With continued use, tolerance increases making the user to need higher doses
for it to work.


When there is a sudden stoppage of benzo
use, withdrawal symptoms transpire and in some instances, it can be lethal.
Detox is always done/ supervised medically to enable the users to stay healthy
and safe.


Benzodiazepine detox majorly involves
three steps. Evaluation is always
done first to get information from the benzo addict that will assist with
coming up with a recovery plan. The evaluation may have tests such as blood
tests, medical health, assessment, psychological assessment and social
assessment etc. Secondly detoxification is carried out to remove the toxic substances. The main objective is to
stabilize the user’s physical body. Medical detoxification entails tapering
down from benzo use which might include dosage reduction and using less potent
benzodiazepine. Some benzos are normally used for the detox e.g. Diazepam,
Lorazepam, and Alprazolam. Further treatment is the third step and it ensures that the addict remains sober. The addict is
stabilized then he/she shift into a program that improves recovery skills and
recuperate to a life that’s free from benzodiazepine use. Treatment process
always includes intensive counseling programs.


It’s important to ensure your comfort
during Benzodiazepine detox which should be carried out at an accredited drug
rehab facility. This ensures the best care in the process and
medically-assisted withdrawal. Benzodiazepine detox can be fatal hence should
be carried by professionals and in the right way.