WHAT is sober living?


Addiction is a disease, and today so many adults are trying to find ways of living a sober life away from the habits and South Florida is not left out. In trying to live a sober life, finding a proper, sober living home is very crucial, it’s essential to be surrounded by people who are on the same road. The living home should ensure that you have all the necessary tools you require in fighting temptation and eventually living a sober free life. In this piece, I am going to share with you some of the things which you need to take into consideration before choosing a sober living facility for young adults in South Florida


We’ve finally figured out a few ways to keeping a happy home! There is no secret to this, besides having great tenants and keeping management on site. We take pride in the fact that over the years we’ve had great tenants that decided to stay with us for the long run. We have many clients that have been here for years. Our residents keep us informed with what’s going on in the homes and who should stay and who should go. This has helped us keep the best tenants and get rid of the problems!



Accountability is the key, during early recoveries, to achieve your goals; you need something to push you towards your goals. In choosing a sober living home, ensure that the facility offers strict rules and everybody around the house is accountable and honest, all the people around you should be encouraging but also provide “tough love”. Ensure that the home has got strict policies for better recovery, for example, a sober living home should perform regular drug and alcohol tests, at least twice a week, to monitor the progress of the individuals. The house should have strict rules and curfews for individuals to ensure there is accountability


Location is very crucial in choosing a sober living house for young adults in South Florida, for individuals on early recovery. The living home should be close to social amenities but away from drug areas, remember there is already enough temptation out there and the last thing to expect is seeing drugs around your living home, or it will be unhelpful walking past liquor stores when you headed home. So, avoid homes which have this kind of establishments around for better recovery.

Locations include:

  • Buses
  • Food Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Beach
  • Shopping
  • Buses
  • Food Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Beach
  • Shopping


In a sober living home, there are individuals with different backgrounds of addiction, and for some, they may even get violent, so, your safety is paramount, ensure that the living home provides for proper safety measures and you should feel 100% safe. Ensure that the living home has got strict rules in place to ensure your safety and that of your belongings is guaranteed.

Support Staff

All credible sober living home should have a 24/7 supervision; this is to ensure that there is cohesion with other living mates. The support staff should be very strict on rules but at the same time be genuinely caring to members of the home.

Capability of transformation

Good sober living home for young adults should have the capacity to transform its members, and that is the critical role of any sober living home. The environment and the people surrounding you should help you in transition to become a productive member of the society. You should be able to count on the living home in helping you transform.

A sober living facility should be “place to call home” And it should provide you with a favorable environment for your transition. By taking into account of the above key factors, you should be able to choose the best young adult sober living home in South Florida or any other place.

Drugs Commonly Abused:

  • Vicodin
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Crystal Meth
  • Methadone
  • OxyContin

Addiction Programs:

Treatment for Recovery:

  • Drug Rehabilitation
  • Treatment Centers
  • Private and Luxury Recovery Centers
  • Long-Term Recovery Solutions