We’ve finally figured out a few ways to keeping a happy home! There is no secret to this, besides having great tenants and keeping management on site. We take pride in the fact that over the years we’ve had great tenants that decided to stay with us for the long run. We have many clients that have been here for years. Our residents keep us informed with whats going on in the homes and who should stay and who should go. This has helped us keep the best tenants and get rid of the problems!

We’ve even created a THANK YOU program to show them our appreciation with YEARLY discounts added to their rent after 6 & 12months!

If you are currently a tenant at My Place then visit the:                             if you have any questions or comments.

All Inclusive

Water, Electricity, A/C, TV , WiFi Access and washer/dryer all included within the monthly rent




My Place welcomes you to one of their all inclusive, budget friendly homes. We require No Lease and No Deposit, just a simple contract with your signature! We have designed and changed our housing to cater to the majority of people who want to live near downtown and can’t afford the ridiculously high rents being asked. 

Today the amount being demanded for rent, is pricing a majority of people out of areas that they need most. Our area gives YOU assess to all the main arteries of Down Town Fort Lauderdale! Also we have been in business for 10 years! 

  • Buses
  • Food Stores (BP & Miami Subs within 100ft)
  • Restaurants 
  • Las Olas (Downtown)
  • Beach 
  • Shopping



Call now to find out how: +1 (954) 530-2689

Fair & Budget Friendly Housing is a basic right for ALL!

Transitional Housing in our meaning is a type of supportive housing use to facilitate the movement of individuals from transitional to permanent housing. Providing supportive services that enable residence to adapt to a more independent lifestyle. We do not cater to drug addicts or people looking for drug treatment.

We cater to:

  • SSI/SSD individuals that want something stable and affordable (See our specials for YOU)
  • Someone on the hunter for an apartment that wants to stay for a few months to SAVE up
  • People that are going through tough times (Divorce, Job loss, Etc.)
  • People looking to relocate

What My Place offers:

Personal Needs

My Place does not​ provide meals, toiletries or anything that you will need personally.

24/7 Customer Service

Selective staff on property during the day,yet (954) 530-2689 24/7!

Choose Private or Shared

Offering full access to entire home whether you choose for a private of shared room


Our Community